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Building Exteriors

Local Councils, Government Bodies & Campus Institutions all utilise light in diverse night time applications ranging from the lighting of pedestrian and vehicle ways to highlighting civic buildings and squares, public parks and gardens, urban streetscapes and recreational spaces.

Lighting used creatively offers a different and often unique perception of outdoor space in marked counterpoint to our perceptions by day.

Good lighting works at an emotional level. We experience atmospheres - festive, celebratory, theatrical, commemorative, reverential, imposing, romantic.

Lighting in Urban Strategic Planning fulfils several roles including:

  • Defining an overall visual Order
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Marking Key Vistas & Arterial Pathways - Promoting a sense of safety & security
  • Highlighting Significant Buildings and Elements significant to the Community eg Memorials, Art Works, and Icons.
  • Enhancing the Nighttime Landscape Character.
  • Signifying Places for Public Gathering at Night – city squares and plazas, shopping precincts and recreational spaces.
  • Engendering new perceptions by re-presenting ‘in a different light’.