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Philosophy Statement

  • Functional

  • Aesthetic

  • Sustainable

Martin Butcher Lighting Design is one of the pioneer Australian entrants in lighting design in Melbourne where we remain one of the very few truly independent consultants specialising in lighting design.

We are an Australian company with a portfolio of award winning projects.

We creatively strive to meet client needs. Innovation and qualified experience help us deliver lighting solutions that are functional, aesthetic and sustainable as well as being affordable.

Lighting projects from private residential to public open space and commercial project lighting are individually tailored to our client’s needs and budget.

Regular international lighting forum attendance enables us to keep our clients abreast of the latest technology, standards and applications in lighting worldwide.

Our Approach:

Martin Butcher Lighting Design closely attends to:


  • Understanding & meeting the functional requirements of a space
  • Straightforward operation
  • Manageability
  • Ease of servicing.
  • Reliabilily in operation
  • Meeting special needs of environment or application
  • Flexible solutions.


  • Architecture of a space
  • Image & lifestyle
  • Connection between light, colour & materials
  • Emotional and psychology of response
  • Imagination, intrigue and illusion
  • Balance between light & shadow


  • Daylight design for human comfort and low energy use
  • Energy efficiency in design
  • Integration with renewable energy technologies
  • Long term impacts of materials for low embodied energy, safe disposability and ease of recycling
  • Latest R&D and government initiatives