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Public Outdoor Lighting

Introductory Service

  • Professional Advice
  • Fixed price, affordable initial consultation
  • Know your options - get ideas
  • Have your questions answered
  • Suggestions on ways to maximise natural lighting

Light Fitting Selection & Costing

  • How should I purchase my lights?
  • Where can I go to see the light I want?
  • How much will the lights cost?
  • What will be the associated electrician's costs?


Lighting Plans

  • A planned approach - better by design
  • Resolve light, switch and control locations
  • Minimise later changes
  • Instruct the electrician

Daylighting & Energy Efficiency

  • Maximise daylight efficiency from windows and skylights
  • Guidance and tips for energy efficient lighting
  • Lighting to suit home use of renewable energy power systems


  • How to include theatrical/scene control
  • Improve energy efficiency and flexibility
  • Consider central dimming versus wall dimmers - home automation links

Outdoor Lighting

  • Light gardens and courtyards to creat attractive outlooks
  • Extend inside entertainment areas to the outside landscape
  • Create nighttime mood and atmosphere
  • Maximise home security

Regulatory & Planning

  • Understanding the electrical requirements
  • Overshadowing
  • Daylight availability in interior spaces
  • Reducing spill light